Using your conference presentations to grow your LinkedIn connections

Speaking at a conference is a great way to grow your LinkedIn connections, you potential connections know who you are (provided they saw your session) and you will usually have a list of their names, countries, and companies. However, it is not all plain sailing, if you do not have their email address and if you are not both members of the same group, it can be slow process to connect.

Whenever I run a workshop or speak at a conference I create a new job in LinkedIn, usually starting and finishing during the same month. For example, last week I ran two workshops and was a keynote speaker at the AMSRS Conference in Sydney. So, today I creates a new job in my profile “Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Sept 2011 at AMSRS”.

Now I can work my way through the list of attendees and invite them to connect with me on LinkedIn. In the box asking how I know them I can truthfully say we’ve done business together and select my Conference Speaker description. I find that this approach works best if done promptly after the conference, before people have had a chance to forget you.

By the way, if you want to find me on LinkedIn you can find me HERE.

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