NewMR, a view of the next two years

Want to know what I think will be changing over the next two years, what the hits and misses will be? Tune in on November 3rd and catch my presentation on the Main Stage of the Festival of NewMR (it’s all virtual, so you can do it from your desk).

Topics I’ll be covering

  1. Gamification, are they just playing at it?
  2. Mobile, when will it ever get moving?
  3. MROCs, are they a strategy or a tactic?
  4. Why social media monitoring is at most only 10% of the answer
  5. Where are community panels going next?
  6. Has collaboration gone away?
  7. What are the limits of DIY?
  8. How some NewMR companies will get into Big Data

Between now and November 3rd, please shout our your questions and ideas, and I’ll work them into the presentation.

And, if you want to see the presentation, you’ll need to get yourself a ticket, from the NewMR website.

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