Do we need another market research association?

The Merlien Qual360 Conference in Milan last week saw the launch of a new research association, the MMRA (Mobile Marketing Research Association). You can visit their website and you can read more about them at Research-Live.

I wish the association well, and I hold its two founders (Jasper Lim and Mark Michelson) in high regard. However, (could you hear the however coming?) I am not sure that research needs another association – indeed I wonder if there are already too many associations?

In these social and collaborative times, what is the role of a trade association? LinkedIn Groups, the initiatives of NewMR and GreenBook, impromptu events such as Research Club all seem to prosper without having the status of being ‘associations’.

My feeling is that the research industry needs a national or international body to ‘officially’ represent the profession to legislators and to liaise with other bodies of a similar status. But I doubt that research needs new ‘associations’ to tackle specific niches and topics. Do we need committees, membership categories and fees, a board elected by members, and its own view on standards and ethics?

My feeling is that the traditional association structure is too slow, too concerned with its own processes, and is typically too slow at realising that it is no longer necessary. My suggestion for the future is one based on a) informal and ad hoc groupings of researchers organised via social media and b) commercial organisations who attract subscribers on the basis of what they offer, without feeling the need to create an apparatus of committees, elections etc.

Ray Poynter, EVP Vision Critical

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