Do Playtex Watch Their Facebook Page?

Playtex have been getting quite a bit of negative social media coverage about their bra fitting advice, particularly from war on plus four (declaration of interest, my daughter owns and runs a lingerie business, Mish-Online, which is why I know more than I ought about bras).

However, despite all this social media criticism, Playtex’s Facebook page is a classic example of what happens if a brand creates a page and does not adequately moderate or engage members. Playtex asked the question as “Complete the phrase: PLAYTEX is to FIT, as ___ is to ___.”

Women have seized the chance to make comments, and to attack Playtex. For example, Kryptonite to Superman, lemon juice to milk, and as a vegan is to raw lamb. When I checked the thread earlier today (see here), there were 93 comments, and masses of likes.

A Facebook page with comments only makes sense if it is an active discussion between the brands and it ‘fans’. Creating a place to let people publicly ridicule you, without any engagement or response is not a sensible option.

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