One problem for anybody who sells their time as their main way of earning a living (as opposed to making money from the utilisation of staff or resources) is that time is the ultimate perishable product. I am now in the position where I could completely fill my work with free or low cost work on behalf of charities, educational institutions, and trade bodies. Given that I enjoy this aspect of my work I have sought to find a way of balancing the purely commercial work with work where I am putting something back into the system.

Therefore I will always try to ensure that make some time available for these sorts of projects and that I will where possible make the time available more cheaply than I would otherwise do. The general guidelines that I am trying to work to are:

  • I should normally seek to at least cover my out of pocket expenses
  • I will try to work on a profit share basis whenever possible
  • I will offer a discount to recognised bodies