Learning the ropes

Hello there

We are currently training a new member of staff, if you can see this then that means he pressed the wrong button.

The Route

As I type this I am sitting in my room in the George Hotel in Hathersage, tired but happy. The hike from Cromford to Hathersage was 41.7 kilometres, which is almost exactly 25 miles.

It was not a fast walk, with heat, a rucksack, plenty of hills and a stop for food, indeed the walk took me just over 11 hours. But, the key thing is that I feel that I am back in the groove.

There were many highlights during the day but a few of them were:


The millpond in Cromford, where I started today.






A fountain and nearby a cross and well dressing in Bonsall


Wild flowers and beautiful cottage gardens.

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