About Me

Ray Poynter near the end of a race

Hi, Ray Poynter here, based in Nottingham in the UK, born in 1956 and currently transitioning from full-time work to part-time work and towards being a regular runner and gatherer of experiences.

I try to balance my life between loved ones, work, adventures, learning and sharing. Whilst I do a lot of things, my main activity at the moment relates to running. My running encompasses 5K Parkruns, cross-country, road races (up to marathons), fell races (off road in the hills/mountains), and ultra races (from 50KM to 270KM so far, with a longer race scheduled for June 2022.

Philosophically, I am left-of-centre, green, progressive, liberal and socialist. Although I am an internationalist at heart, I am also European.

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