Not every run needs to be a race, nor even a training session

Last week I wrote about running in a half-marathon for the England Masters team. But, most of my running is not about racing. Twice a week I ‘train’, which tends to mean running fast for a period of time, often in some form of repetitions. But, most of my running is not about training. An average day is 10km (6 miles) of steady, low heart rate running. But sometimes, my running is just about joy, and that was the case today.

This afternoon, I set off for a steady run (my heart rate averaging 111 beats a minute) and trundled through my local countryside and historical sites on a beautiful late-May Saturday. In total I covered 32 km (20 miles), in a little under four hours. On this sort of run, I stop and speak to people, I stop to take photos, and in fact I stopped for coffee and cake too.

The pictures below and their captions tell the story of a wonderfully uplifting day. If you can run a half-marathon, and if you can walk for four hours, you could definitely go out for a four-hour run – and really enjoy yourself, provided you run slow enough, and provided you stop from time to time, to take photos, to talk, or to buy a treat.

Running route
Here is my route, a 32km loop, starting and finishing from my home.

Stepping Stones
My entry to Colwick Country Park was via the stepping stones, near the Trent

Wired for Coffee
Wired is one of my favourite places for coffee is Wired in Colwick Country Park

West Lake
Here is the West Lake at Colwick Country Park

Ray and Tim
Running along the Trent I bumped into running legend and clubmate Tim Raynor 🙂

Trent through a willow tree
The Trent gave lots of great views today, here it is through the branches of a willow tree

The Trent
Another great view of the River Trent (it is a proper river the Trent)

Beeston Lock
The weir at Beeston Lock

A wild rose
As I ran back to Nottingham along the canal I saw lots of lovely wild roses.

Ducks resting
It was a warm day, the temperature was in the low 20s – I was running, but the ducks chose to rest

On reaching a lock in Nottingham, it seems not everyone is choosing to run.

Trip to Jerus
Running up from the canal I passed England’s oldest pub – which was pretty popular today

Robin Hood
Here is a statue of Robin Hood photo bombing me 🙂
Castle Gate
The main building at Nottingham Castle is a bit disappointing, but the gate is impressive.
Slab square
At the centre of Nottingham is a large piazza, but locally we call it ‘slab square’

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